About Streetwerkz

Streetwerkz Rocks!

Streetwerkz Custom Coatings started as a custom hot rod shop, where owner Joshua Robinson began building street rods and custom cars back in 2000. In mid-2004, our outside powder coater was not available for a project and Streetwerkz Custom Powder Coating was born.

At Streetwerkz, we immediately started separating ourselves from standard powder coaters by getting a booth and an oven large enough to do a vehicle frame or body. Within a year our days were no longer filled with building hot rods, they were filled with preparing parts and applying custom powder coated finishes on everything from chopper frames, to car parts, furniture, railing, industrial items and more.

In 2012 Streetwerkz was able to make the leap to a larger facility, increasing our floor space from 4,500 sq feet, to 10,000 sq feet! The added space has allowed Streetwerkz to not only streamline operations, but add new services. New for 2013 Streetwerkz has made substantial investments in liquid paint coating, hydrographic dipping & high temp ceramic coating. Now Streetwerkz is your one stop shop for all your project coating needs, metal, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, thermal barrier coatings good up to 1800F and more!

With a focus on doing everything in house Streetwerkz provides quality custom powder coating. From the moment a part is brought to Streetwerkz until the time it leaves, 100% of the werk is completed in house. Media cleaning, chemical pretreatment, powder coating, hydrographics, and ceramic coating applications are all done under one roof to ensure total quality control and to serve our client needs fully.

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