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Services - Media Blasting

What is Media Blasting?
Media-Blasted Part

Media Blasting is a great way to remove old paint and rust from parts prior to powder coating. Media blasting not only removes rust and surface contaminates, but it also gives the metal a fine texture that allows the powder to better adhere to the metal for even more strength.

If you have your parts media blasted before you send them to us, please clean any oil and grease off before blasting. This will produce the best finish as oil and grease can be pushed into the surface and cause adhesion problems. For customers that have parts with paint or rust still on the parts, we offer a media blasting service at an hourly charge.

We currently have three media blasting stations to handle all of your blasting needs. The first station is a Trinco TB 24x24 Tumble Blaster. This station is designed for high volume automatic tumble blasting of smaller parts.

Trinco TB 24x24 Tumble Blaster

The second station we have is a Trinco Direct Pressure Cabinet. This station allows for blasting of medium size parts up to 4ft. wide by 5ft. long by 2.5 ft. tall. This machine is not automatic and requires an operator who blasts the parts all by hand. We use this cabinet for more intricate work and for parts that won't fit in the tumble blaster.

Trico Direct Pressure Cabinet

Our third station we have is our own manufactured blast booth, in which we can handle any part up to 8ft wide by 8ft. tall by 16ft. long. This station is used only for the bigger parts that won't fit in the smaller blast cabinet, such as car and truck frames, furniture, automobile bumpers, subframe sections, etc.

Blast Booth

All of our media blasters work on roughly the same principles: finely ground media is used to clean and abrade a surface, typically metal, of any rust, paint or other unwanted surface contaminations. This is done by means of an air-powered pressure gun that fires out the media at high velocity to impact with the intended surface. Once completed your media cleaned part is now free of contaminations & ready for the finish application or restoration to begin.

New for 2013, Streetwerkz now has the ability to apply liquid primer coating to your media blasted parts. This means once we have blasted your part (like a car shell), it can then be coated with a protective primer barrier sealing out contaminates in the air, excessive moisture in the air, etc. that causes flash rust. This new primer process can be used on any item that cannot be powder coated due to the 400° cure temperature required by powder coat and powder coat primers.